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About Us

Welcome to Fantasy Bros!

We are a mix of talented Ecommerce merchants and fantasy football junkies.

After years of trying to use other people’s products to enhance our league experience, we decided the best way to do it is, is to do it ourselves! So here you'll find the most detailed Fantasy Football high-quality draft kits on the market, along with good quality trophies and content, to make your league easy and the very best.

Founder: Ben is the head of the gang. He has been an Ecommerce merchant for 15 years and wanted to work on products he's passionate about. Ben's love of football stems from being a star Quarterback in HS, He loves to say: “He was going Division I, before injuring his rotator cuff”. Surprisingly, Ben has never won a Fantasy Football Championship, but always has a quirky excuse.

Marketing: Jonah is a genius, seriously. He knows everything about Fantasy Football and has won lots of money with DFS. He makes sure all our products are up to par and never misses a beat. Jonah is in the Championships every single year and doesn't let us forget it. He went to HS with Ben and they're good friends. He's Ben's proudest hire. 

Shipping: Mendy is a ball of energy. He's the oldest of the group and for sure - the wisest. Mendy is a workaholic and is obsessive about shipping orders as fast as humanly possible. Sadly, he's not that good at Fantasy Football due to his obsession with washed up stars. If you phone us, lucky you, as you will speak to Mendy personally.

Designer: Susie is a superstar. Where would we be without her talent as a designer? She has an amazing aesthetic with a great eye for elegance. Susie designed our Draft Boards, Stickers, Trophies, Belts and Website. She loves her job even though she had other good offers coming out of college. Not to mention, she is sneaky good at Fantasy Football and an integral part of our team. 

Warehouse Manager: Greg is our rock, He runs our warehouse like a fine tuned 1967 Stingray. He has no sense of humor and no other passions. All kidding aside, he is a beast. 

So, are you ready to try your skills as a Fantasy Football Savant?