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August 07, 2018 1 min read

Although Wide Receivers may not have the same bust potential as Running Backs, some of these players will regress significantly and are getting picked way too high.

  1. I know putting Julio Jones here is so sacrilegious because his talent is out of this world.  However Julio's inconsistency is undeniable; and adding Calvin Ridley to the mix just means there are more mouth's to feed. Hence, he shouldn't go before the 3rd round. 
  2. Don't draft Jordy Nelson. Although you may still see him available in the 6th or 7th round and be tempted to select him; there is a reason he was released from the Green Bay Packers. No doubt, he is getting older and is definitely losing a step. We saw how he looked without Aaron Rodgers and it was painful to watch. Indeed, this will turn ugly, real fast.
  3. Another Wide Receiver to avoid in the draft is Sammy Watkins. Because he is injury prone and unreliable, Sammy is getting drafted high because of his pedigree. Consequently, the one season we saw him healthy (last year), he was awful. Moreover, I recommend not drafting Sammy at all. 

In summary, avoid these Wide Receivers on your Draft Board to win your league. 

Happy Drafting!

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