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July 06, 2018 2 min read

Of course, a Wide Receiver is about getting high upside while your Running Backs give you the floor. 

Generally Rookie WRs don't have an immediate Fantasy impact, but when they do (OBJ) boy do they ever! 

Keep in mind, you may get a lot of steals by drafting these players.So, are you ready to pick your Wide Receivers?

 Wide Receivers

1. D.J. Moore CAR
D.J. should have the biggest impact immediately this season. As one of the youngest players in the draft, his ceiling is undeniable. As, an undersized tough gritty receiver, D.J. had a ridiculous year last season and should step in as the number 1 receiver on a weak Carolina receiving corps right away. Similarly to Steve Smith, D.J. is a pit bull and should be a staple of the Carolina offense for years to come.

2. Calvin Ridley ATL
Calvin has the finesse you want in a WR. No doubt, this big play target in Alabama last year, is an elite route runner with great elusiveness and rhythm. He will have a hard time getting targets in Atlanta, but his talent is undeniable and he has WR2 upside.

3. Courtland Sutton DEN
At 6-3 Courtland is a big possession receiver. Great athleticism and strength allow him to be quite elusive for his size. Also,his plus blocking skills should get him on the field early. His lack of plus speed and the 2 clear options in front of him in Denver might hurt his stock a little. But he still has great upside and the potential to be a superstar receiver at the next level in the Dez Bryant mold.

4. Michael Gallup DAL
Michael is the most solid WR in this class. With a great combination of size and speed, Michael checks all the boxes of a good WR at the next level. But for Gallup, there couldn’t be a better landing spot than Dallas. With no real competition in his way, Michael’s toughness and tackle breaking ability should put him at the top of the pecking order. Indeed, he should make an immediate impact at the next level.

5. Christian Kirk ARI
Christian should be a standout slot receiver in the pros. With plus speed and great hands and explosiveness, there’s not much bust potential here. He will learn from a legend in Larry Fitzgerald and will grow with my top rated QB Josh Rosen. Check out our Top 5 Quarterbacks post. The immediate impact he makes will probably be capped by Larry in his way; but in terms of long term potential, he’s top 2 in my book.

Tight Ends coming soon...

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Happy Drafting!

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