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August 15, 2018 2 min read

Are you ready for my first round recommended picks? At the same time, first round picks can be a headache for a lot of people. No doubt, you're splitting hair on players that can make a massive difference in your Fantasy Season. 

  1. Le'Veon Bell - You don't want to overthink this. Le'Veon is in a contract year,  and the Steelers will run him into the ground.  Le'Veon will try to prove why he should be the highest paid player. 
  2. Todd Gurley -  In a balanced offense with weapons everywhere, teams won't be able to key in on this Running back. Once again, we can expect Todd to tear up the league.
  3. David Johnson -  No doubt, this is a tough pick between David and Zeke. However, Johnson's 20 touchdowns in 2016 is something you just can't pass on.     
  4. Ezekiel Elliot - As we know, the Cowboys are historically thin with play makers. So, we should expect Zeke to be featured in a way we haven't seen before. 
  5. Antonio Brown -  The best Wide Receiver on the planet. 
  6. Saquan Barkley - The Giants will use him to the max to prove why they passed on Sam Darnold. And,-  he's a freak of nature.     
  7. Alvin Kamara -  Since busting onto the scene last year, Alvin is a receiver with superstar running back skills. With Drew Brees getting a year older, and Mark Ingram suspended for the first 4 games of the year; the Saints will rely on their superstar even more heavily than last year.
  8. Deandre Hopkins - Deandre was the top scoring Wide Receiver before Deshaun Watson got hurt. Now that Deshaun is healthy, what is going to change?
  9. Kareem Hunt: In his rookie year, Kareem has led the league in rushing yards. With a new Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes will likely have growing pains. Expect Andy Reid to rely on his stud even more.
  10. Melvin Gordon - Melvin is a steadying force on a chaotic team and a Touchdown machine. He should continue to dominate as he has in the past. 
  11. Leonard Fournette - Since he lost 10 pounds in the off-season, the second year back should tear up the league as long he stays healthy. Also, he has  the talent to finish as the top scoring player in the league. 
  12. Dalvin Cook - With his Rookie season cut short due to a torn ACL, we didn't get the opportunity to see a lot of play. With a better offense than last year and Dalvin back to full health, we should expect to see a monster this season.                       

    Fill up your Draft Board with these studs to ace your Draft.

    Happy Drafting!

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