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July 02, 2018 2 min read

First and foremost, most of a rookie’s production is predicated on the situation they’re in, and their coaching staff. Nevertheless, talent doesn’t lie. And throughout history we have seen transcendent players go to terrible teams and coaches have an impact right away. So,with the information we have about teams, and with the college tape we have of the players, we compiled a list of top rookie Quarterbacks of the 2018-19 season. Here’s my top 5 rookies for Quarterback that will make an impact THIS year.


1. Josh Rosen ARI
With the best accuracy out of the bunch and a perfect situation to grow, Josh has the biggest chance to be a Fantasy stud. The 6-4 pro ready QB will be mentored by an offensive coordinator in Mike McCoy who has done wonderful things with young QBs in the past. With Sam Bradford being injury prone, Josh should be able to develop with relative anonymity and take the reigns early in the season.

2. Baker Mayfield CLE
As the first overall pick in the draft, expectations are real high with Mayfield. Baker completed 71% of his passes in his final year in Oklahoma and was the most efficient QB in college. He’s going to an offense stacked with weapons and should be able to utilize the talent with ease. Although,Tyrod Taylor is standing in his way, the Browns will start to lose Baker if he doesn't start right away. 

3. Sam Darnold NYJ
Sam has been thought of as the best QB in the draft for a while now. The 6-3 gunslinger has the arm and demeanor of a franchise QB and has the frame and mobility to go with it. Since he can get a little reckless, and with the depleted receiving corps on the Jets, this may not bode well for Fantasy points. Because, Sam still has one of the highest ceilings in the Draft, he is worth the risk for that alone.

4. Lamar Jackson BAL
For Lamar, this is more about fit than anything else. While some experts say he’s the next Michael Vick, others say he should be a WR. A sub 60% completion rate and 50 rushing TDs is sure to do that to you. However, Lamar landed on the perfect team to exploit his strengths. With Joe Flacco giving them middling results, the Ravens signed RGIII in the offseason  which paved the way to draft Lamar and ultimately change their entire offense to cater to him. With the dual threat potential he has, the skies the limit on his Fantasy results.

5. Josh Allen BUF
As the number 7 pick in the NFL Draft, Josh has a lot to live up to. A 6-5 frame with an arm like Brett Farve is a good place to start, but his accuracy in college was awful. Will he develop his footwork and fix his accuracy issues with the right coaching at the next level? Only time can tell. But with an arm like that and a team that invested in him, it’s worth the risk.

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Happy Drafting!

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