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July 09, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

First and foremost, the key is creating a successful NFL Home Draft. Of course, the best way to give your league an identity is to create a Draft Party.
Indeed, a home draft party gives you and your community something to look forward too. So, to maximize this special event; we've compiled a list of DO's and DONT's for your party.  
DO have lots and lots of food. When William takes up half the Draft deep in focus, trying to decide between Jordan Howard and Jay Ajayi, people get antsy! Retain the audience with snacks and everyone goes home happy. 

DON'T invite people that aren't in the league. Not only will they distract you from focusing on your picks; but they'll try to make it something its not. This league is a bond. Keep it sacred.

DO have alcohol! Of course, booze keeps everything fun and loose. While some people might get too tanked, your draft overall will be more fun and more interactive. Just limit yourself so you don't pick Matt Prater in the 3rd round. 

DON'T draft on a bunch of laptops. The hassle of slow internet, outlets to handle,  William's non charged computer, and of course lack of interaction, make it less than ideal. It's better to use a Draft Board for good old Draft fun.

DO decide a losers punishment at the Draft. Use voting as a tool to choose, and make everyone sign off on it at the Draft. That way everyone has agreed and there's no complaining when William loses.

DON'T do all the work yourself. Hopefully your league has a group chat, and you can delegate jobs for every person attending the Draft. Not only does this make it easier for you; but it keeps every person involved in the Draft Party.

As for Draft Boards, All the mainstream Draft Boards you will find are paper. Because they are made out of paper, they tear easily and are hard to maneuver and only good for one time usage.

Our Draft Board is made from vinyl, with super slick color coded stickers. In addition, our draft board has no branding or watermarks, is waterproof, tear proof, and the best part is it is reusable. 

Happy Drafting!

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July 10, 2018

Who is William? He sounds like he makes the party more entertaining.

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