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July 07, 2018 2 min read

First and foremost, a Tight End is the hardest position to find production. 

Therefore, any sleeper you can identify is worth picking.

Rookie Tight Ends have a history of having a hard time finding their way on the field. But with the NFL slowly progressing to a much more spread style college offense, Tight End vs Linebacker is the perfect matchup to exploit, and any Tight End with great athleticism will find his way onto the field. 

Tight Ends:

1. Mike Gesicki MIA
Mike is a super athletic TD machine. With a great basketball background, his ball skills are superb and he has far and away the best athleticism in this class. With great upside and nobody on the Dolphins really in his way; all signs point to Gesicki having real TE1 capabilities this year.

2. Hayden Hurst BAL
Hayden was the first TE off the board for good reason. The former standout baseball player stood out in his college football years. With great hands, athleticism, ball skills, and demeanor, Hayden will be the go to TE for the Ravens. But lack of explosion and the fact the Ravens drafted Andrews as well, caps his ceiling.

3. Mark Andrews BAL
In the first place, Mark was arguably the most productive player in college last year. With great speed, the converted WR has plus talent along with the catch and elite ball skills. Mark and Hayden should have great competition in training camp and Mark might have the edge in pass catching ability. Hayden is a far better blocker though, and with the Ravens conservative approach in the past, Andrews seems to be roadblocked. With the ceiling Andrews has, and the 2 TE set working in the past, he’s definitely worth the risk.

4. Dallas Goedert PHI
Arguably the best TE in this class, Dallas has unlimited potential. Dallas had an insane year last year putting every team on notice. As a plus blocker and receiver, there’s not much holes you can find in his game. Getting drafted by Philly though, hurts his immediate potential immensely. With Zach Ertz having a top 3 year at his position; how Dallas will make a fantasy impact is beyond me. But what you learn over the years is, always draft talent.

5. Ian Thomas CAR
No doubt, Ian is one of the most promising players in this draft. As the youngest TE in the group Ian has lots of growing to do. But with great speed and strength, he has the mold to be a TE1 in the NFL. He should learn from Greg Olsen and have the proper structure to fill out his potential, I would say avoid him unless you own Olsen.

Use this list to find the late round sleeper Tight End and shock your entire Draft Party with your confidence and knowledge....

Make sure you use our Jumbo Draft Board color coded by team or position

Happy Drafting!

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