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July 30, 2018 1 min read

First and foremost, every Fantasy Football championship team needs in the first round is a stud running back.

In the first place, a running back gets the most points in Fantasy Football. However, there’s one Wide Receiver known for his consistency and durability. Of course, that is Antonio Brown and he should never be passed on after the 1st four picks. 

No doubt, Antonio may turn out to be the best receiver ever. He gives you consistent production every single game, with a lot of touchdowns and catches. Also, he has insane speed and great hands.Moreover, he makes catches on all three phases of progression. 

In summary, what puts Antonio in the conversation of stud Running Back is his availability and target share. He finishes every single year as the top Wide Receiver in the game and he doesn't get hurt often. And with Martavis Bryant leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers, not only will his targets not diminish, but they might go up. 

Put Antonio on your Draft Board in the 1st round and avoid any other receiver there.

Happy Drafting!

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