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August 08, 2018 2 min read

Let's take a look at Dez Bryant today. About a week ago, Dez wasn't even worth a 12th round flier. What has changed? Ironically, this situation is starting to feel like the Carmelo Anthony situation in the NBA. 

Since Dez was released from the Cowboys in a move for them to cut costs; where he signs will determine his fantasy value. Dez was spotted in New England a week ago and rumors have also been been connecting him to the Cleveland Browns for weeks now. 

The Patriots have released Jordan Matthews and Malcom Mitchell recently; and with Julian Edelman's upcoming suspension, there aren't enough receiving weapons that are viable. Do you think Dez can beat out Kenny Britt for a starting job? I'm not sure, but it's a possibility. Also, Eric Decker and Dez should be pretty comparable as well. And, with Dez's pedigree you have to give him the edge in that battle.  

Now, the Browns have just traded their #3 receiver in Corey Coleman for a bag of peanuts. Is this a preemptive move for the upcoming arrival of Dez Bryant? To make matters more complex, their rookie Wide Receiver, Antonio Callaway just received a citation for Marijuana possession. And, all of this came after Callaway failed a drug test during the Draft Combine. No doubt, Callaway will most likely have to deal with some sort of NFL discipline. Indeed, this should create a huge hole for Dez to step in and be the savior. 

If Dez ends up on the Patriots, his value should be much higher than if he ends up on the Browns. However, that is only if Josh Gordon is around. Based on Josh Gordon's track record, we might see Dez as the #2 receiver in Cleveland. 

In conclusion, monitor the Dez situation closely as this could get very interesting fast. Besides, he may even end up on my Draft Board

Happy Drafting!

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