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July 25, 2018 1 min read

In the first place, most Draft order spots are random. But that shouldn't be the case. Auction drafts are way more fun and interactive. If your Draft is an auction Draft, target the 3rd pick.

So, the 3rd pick will cover everything. Not only are you able to get one of the only tier 1 players in Fantasy like David Johnson; but you won't drop too far in the second round where you can still target a great tier 2 running back, like Devonta Freeman. Then again, you can double down in the 3rd round with another game changer like Jerick McKinnon

However, if you can't get the 3rd pick, go for the 4th or the 7th. In fact, in the 4th, you can still get the last tier 1 guy, Ezekiel Elliot and have great positioning in the draft. In the 7th, you can get your favorite of the tier 2 guys, like Leonard Fournette; or Melvin Gordon and be able to get your choice on most of the upcoming rounds tiers. 

Moreover, avoid the 1st pick and the last 2 picks as you'll be forced into bad situations throughout the Draft. 

Finally, dominate your Draft with the 3rd pick and fill up your Draft Board with all the superstars you need.

Happy Drafting!

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