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July 26, 2018 1 min read

First and foremost, there are many great players primed to take a big step forward in their second year.

In summary, here is a few that I believe will take massive steps forward. 

Corey Davis With all the hype around Corey coming into the Draft, it's safe to say Corey was a disappointment. However if you look closely, Corey did a great job getting separation and showed off a lot of his abilities. Expect Corey to find his footing in his second year and become the player everyone expected him to be. 

Zay JonesLast year was rough for Zay. With an inconsistent offense and a revolving door of weapons and schemes, Zay had a hard time finding his niche. With the TMZ video coming out and the lack of attention on a sophomore, Zay will have almost no expectations. Lucky for him, the receiving corp in buffalo took a major hit. So, he should be able to carve up defenses with the gunslinger AJ McCarron is.

Marlon Mack -In my opinion, Marlon played pretty well last year, considering the Colts lack of Offensive Line and Quarterback. Expect him to really dominate this year with Andrew Luck coming back from injury. With a new head coach and Frank Gore not getting resigned; the Colts are clearly ready to hand the reigns to Marlon. No doubt, you can expect he will take a massive step forward. 

Take fliers on these players to dominate your Draft Board.

Happy Drafting!




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