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July 24, 2018 1 min read

So, last year Julio Jones unfollowed the Atlanta Falcons on Instagram and nobody thought much of it. Now he's planning to hold out on training camp until the Falcons rework his contract.

Clearly, this is a big deal. In the first place, the Falcons really don't have an incentive to do anything to help Julio. In addition, Julio is the 8th highest paid Wide Receiver in the NFL. Also, he has 3 years left in his contract. Even if Julio threatens to leave in 3 years, threats like that won't scare a team. 

Last year Julio had a down year. As arguably the best receiver in the league, finishing 7th in points is unacceptable. Costing your team a playoff game is even worse. Were last year's struggles due to a contract situation? 

As you see, the Falcons will likely not budge in this situation. Moreover, Julio may have a hard time focusing and could lose motivation. As ludicrous as this sounds Julio Jones shouldn't be taken before the 3rd round as this situation will boil over. 

Avoid him on your Draft Board as his ADP is way too high.

Happy Drafting!

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