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June 20, 2019 1 min read

Now that the NBA Finals is officially over, we can confidently say that it is Draft Season! 


For the next few weeks we will look into what we’ve learnt from last year. 


With a full season of information we can break down how to tweak our Draft approach, and get an edge on our competition.


Every year, the competition slowly adjusts to better drafting tactics and new information. 


This year, will be about going the opposite way.


For example: your typical Draft Approach is to go heavy on Running Backs early and to trickle it down with less valuable players round by round. 


However, if we focus on proven positions and situations, instead of “upside” or the actual player. 


You can devise a Draft strategy that ,barring injury, will be successful. 


Furthermore, as offenses have changed throughout the NFL we were forced to rediscover what “type” of player is valued in the modern offense, and how that affects our strategy. 


Therefore, we will break down what is an “outlier” and what is a “trend” and adjust accordingly. 


Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks, and as always Happy Drafting!

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