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July 18, 2018 2 min read

Fantasy Football is all about getting an edge on your opponents. So today, I'm going to teach you the basics on how to get started. 

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  1. Draft young - In the first place, most people think a more experienced veteran guy is a safer bet. But, football is different. There are injuries and bodies are much more prone to injury then other sports. Also, mentally players can tune out after a few years. No doubt, players have nagging injuries and don't want to be prone to get hit over and over again. With this in mind, draft a younger guy who will play more recklessly, and has a hunger to succeed. 
  2. Gamble - Of course, you aren't playing for 2nd place. So, you need an edge. Draft guys with a high upside, like unproven rookies, traded players, and players on teams with open competitions. Don't be scared to strikeout. Because it's better to have a 50% chance of winning or failing, than have a 100% chance of being average. 
  3. Draft 2 QBs - This is more of a practical tip. But, this one has never let me down. As much as you think a QB is the easiest position to predict, you're in for a surprise. None of the top 5 QBs of last year were the top 5 the year before. Be sure to check-out our Top 5 Rookie Quarterbacks 2018-2019 post for some suggestions. Moreover, Russel Wilson who finished #1 last year wasn't even in the top 10 the year before. QB's can make or break a team  Make sure you draft 2 high upside QB's for insurance. If both of them turn out to be studs; you can always make a trade. 
  4. Don't be scared to reach. ADP isn't everything. Because a guy is going in other drafts, 7 picks later doesn't mean you shouldn't take him now. Take YOUR GUY.Follow your gut. And, if your guy won't be around by the time you pick next, then take him now. Equally important is, the player should compliment the other players on your team. 
  5. Mock draft - Make a list of the guys you want to target in every round. And, do lots of mock drafts with different scenarios to get you the players you want. To design the perfect team, you need a perfect scheme. Curve balls are in every draft. Whoever is the most prepared, will obviously determine the winner. 

Above all, winning your league isn't exclusively won through the draft. If you ace your draft, you will likely be in the driving seat of your league barring injury.

Moreover, it it important to have fun with your selections and don't stress too much. In summary, you can make in-season adjustments which can be a difference maker.

Are you ready to throw a Draft Party and bond with your friends. In conclusion, don't forget to use our Draft Board

Happy Drafting!

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