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August 06, 2018 2 min read

Avoid the following Running Backs when you're drafting as their ADP is too high and may under perform.

  1. First, Marshawn Lynch is an older power back with no experience in the passing game. Because he under performed the year before, this should be a no-brainer. 
  2. In the first place, Tyl Montgomery has never played as a Running Back until two years ago. Moreover, he has two other Running Backs competing for his spot in both Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones. No doubt, this could turn into a volatile situation for Ty, when Aaron Jones returns from his two game suspension. 
  3. Joe Mixon is a great talent with good hands and speed. In my opinion, he is going to go much too high in the draft. As of right now, his current ADP is in the second round. Don't touch him until the 5th round. Hence, he is going to be playing in a bad offense with an offensive line filled with journeymen or rookies. He will likely be a bust. 
  4. Because Ronald Jones II hasn't played a single down in the NFL yet; this offensive line could end up being the worst in the NFL. In fact, they forced a 1400 yard rusher in Doug Martin to average 2.9 Yards per carry for the last 2 years. Hence, this can turn ugly for a rookie who needs to build his confidence. 
  5. Another Running Back to avoid is Rex Burkhead. Since his career has been riddled with injuries, Rex is getting picked way too high. With a roster full of talented Running Backs, Rex needs to get some work in on the goal line. Overall, Rex will be a bust based on his current ADP.  

Avoid these 5 Running Backs on your Draft Board to have the perfect team. 

Happy Drafting!

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