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July 05, 2018 2 min read

Of course, a Running Back is one of the most important positions in Fantasy Football.

Acing the Rookie side of the Running Back position nets you the highest value per ADP. 

So, don't be afraid to gamble because the reward is much greater than the risk.

Running Backs

1. Saquon Barkley NYG
Saquon is a freak talent. With his pass catching ability that measures up with the likes of Todd Gurley and David Johnson, even with the Giants shaky offensive line he still should be an RB1. Any time a team uses their 2nd overall pick on a player, you better bet they’ll give him north of 350 touches a year. Expect Barkley with his elusiveness, vision and athleticism to take full advantage.

2. Rashaad Penny SEA
Rashaad averaged an absurd 7.8 yards per carry in his senior year. With his exceptional size and elusiveness, the downhill bruiser can possibly be the next greatest RB of our generation. His lack of experience in blocking raises a few red flags, but with talent like that, I don’t see how long you can keep him off the field.

3. Derrius Guice WAS
Derrius is a bruiser. He averaged 6.3 yards per rush against good competition in the SEC. He should be a good enough receiver to be a 3 down back in the NFL.  But, monitor Chris Thompson’s role and health to see if he takes some of his workload. With great power and toughness Derrius has the makings of an RB1.

4. Sony Michel NE
Sony has all the tools you can ask for. He averaged 7.9 yards per carry, and had a 30% percent first down conversion rate, he’s a great pass catcher and has great elusiveness and toughness. With insane numbers and tools, you’d think he’d be higher on this list? But New England has tons of RBs and overall weapons, so it saps his upside a little bit.

5. Royce Freeman DEN
Royce had a crazy workload in college, with 947 carries it’s very possible he doesn’t have much tread on his tires. But with a workload like that, you can understand the type of consistency and toughness he has. A physical specimen, Royce showed off lots of the qualities of a lead back in the NFL. Questions arose about his pass catching, and if he’ll be able to beat out Booker for the lead role in Denver. With the capital the Broncos invested in him, and Booker’s recent ineffectiveness, the later shouldn’t be a question.

Wide Receivers are coming next.... 

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Happy Drafting!

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